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Online safety matters
Written by Administrator
Monday, 20 July 2015 08:36
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Online Safety Matters

We have started a Campaign  - "Online safety matters!"
We at Timeless IT want to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet
lots of children are targeted by older people on the internet as well as get bullied for no apparent reason,
children are very curious and the internet is certainly a thing to fulfil that curiosity.
They may be searching and watching violence, explicit language, pornography and more
There are ways to prevent this from happening,
We have products and we give advice and support.

As parents we want to keep our children away from corruption!
It's a public page so feel free to input and support the cause.
Take a look at these statistics

It's not just children that are vulnerable, the older community have to be thought about also.
Online safety matters is a page that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of the internet.
children are not the only ones who are vulnerable, The older generation also need to be thought about ,
some people target the older generation for their money and what they are willing to give to a good cause.
we offer Tips, advice, post photos and videos about staying safe online.
Take a look at our page!


If you would like more information about Online safety Matters,

please feel free to email us: onlinesafety@timelesstech.co.uk