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Written by Joey
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 11:15
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On Our Cyber Security side of the company, we protect companies from Cyber-attacks every day.

Security breaches, data leaks and cyber-attacks are a real threat to any organisation. Now more than ever, you need a new approach to your security and management of your company network. Don’t let the limitations of traditional technologies prevent you from protecting your information.

Timeless IT have made it our mission to mitigate the risks you face and support you in reducing the cost and complexity of protecting yourself, by moving this workload over to us. We live and breathe Internet security technology. We have developed our proprietary cyber protection that is used by many companies and software houses around the world. Our service continuity and archiving can be provided in a single subscription service. Our goal is to make it easier for you to protect your business in today’s fast-changing security and risk environment.

Here at Timeless IT we do not believe that your company can train everybody on the Cyber threats. Our products and services will take the end user risk away from your company. We manage your network 24/7, which makes sure that any suspicious activity will be pick up by our very well trained and experienced security team.

If you are not a multi-national company, you still have a value to a Hacker and your stored data as well as your CRM is of massive value to them. We currently prevent over 5000 attacks per day for our clients. We wish to be the defence standard for your company.

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