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This is our entry level support service. We will log-in remotely and make sure your selected computer, phone or gadget is working as it should.

We understand that today our homes are full of tech but because we want to cater for all users, this product initially only covers one designated piece of tech. Other items can be added to this package but if you have three or more machines, gadgets or piece of tech you want covered, we'd recommend you choose the Tech: Friend+ package outlined below.

Our typical client for this package is: A household with a family computer and maybe a laptop who due to work commitments or young children cant get to our customer center easily.

Tech: Friend+

This service has all the benefits of Tech:Friend, support for all your home computers, be they Mac, PC, desktop or laptop. Not only that, we'll also support all your gadgets, phone and USB devices.

In addition you'll get:

  • Discounted call-outs, tech repairs and purchases
  • Unlimited remote and telephone assistance
  • Free collection and delivery on any repairs
  • plus a free CyberRoam NeGenie Home Router

To read more about the CyberRoad Netgenie Home Router, click here

Remote assistance can be really useful when setting up new computers or configuring new tech. We can access your computer through your internet connection and solve your tech problems in front your eyes!

Our typical client for this package is: A family with teenage kids and lots of phones and tech or someone working from home. Probably losing the battle to make sure all their tech works together.

If this level of service interests you but want more information, or you're not sure which service is best for you please call us on 0800 3282 852. One of our team will be glad to discuss things with you.

At Timeless we cover all levels of service so if you require a higher level of support, just click here to go to Tech:Team lite, our next level in computer care.

Call Timeless on
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0844 372 2388 (support).

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Tech: friend is also available as an employment benefit scheme.