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Introducing tech:friend ULTRA
Written by Administrator
Friday, 16 December 2016 15:23
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Giving you the product you need, combined with theservice you deserve!

tech:friend Ultra

We at Timeless IT are proud to announce the exciting launch of our new computer bundle.

This includes both the hardware desktop product and Timeless helpdesk support service.

As part of this fantastic deal you will receive:

1. A refurbished Desktop (Wi-Fi enabled)

2. Refurbished TFT Screen (minimum of 19 in size)

3. USB Backup drive (500GB)

This is in addition to our tech:friend service, your annual IT Support Service:

1. A computer health-check

2. Anti-Virus Software

3. Help-desk Support (364 days per year!)

4. Remote Access helpdesk technical support

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