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Written by Joey
Monday, 17 December 2012 15:46
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We pride ourselves on using straightforward language, and not using technical terms simply for the sake of making what we do sound more impressive, so here is all you need to know about Timeless; We do the bulk of our projects in-house, as we know that our clients appreciate the faster response times that this can deliver.

Timeless IT also has long standing relationships with a number of freelancers with specialist skills; this allows us to keep costs down whilst still offering a wide range of skills and a fast turnaround using people we know and trust.

Site Design
This is the starting point for all websites. Great design alone is not enough by itself: it has to be appropriate to your audience. Who would use a solicitor that had an image of laughing people on it?

Content Management Systems
This brings a dynamic element to your site, which in most cases simply means that you have control and can log into the site and change the content, add or remove pages yourself. Although it is slightly more expensive to set up a site like this, you very quickly make the money back in not having to pay someone else to update the site for you.

Bespoke Systems
Although we do build off the shelf websites, in a lot of cases it is better to design and build a site from scratch, our clients appreciate that a site built for a particular project will be easier to manage, and be more effective than using a more all purpose system, which can be confusing to use, even for what should be simple tasks.

SEO  Search Engine Optimisation
Why is SEO important? It is a must that after you've spent so much time, effort and money on developing and publishing your web site, you have to promote it to the rest of the world. Search Engine Optimisation is one step in the marketing of your site to do this. Unlike some other Search Engine Optimisation services we are keen to acknowledge this is only part of the solution to ensuring you have targeted visitors to your site. It has to be part of the marketing strategy.

Hosting/Technical experience
We provide a full range of hosting and domain name services, at competitive prices, and are a reseller for one of the UK's biggest hosting companies. We also have wide experience in purchasing and setting up dedicated servers for our clients.